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Meme by DJTsunami taken from AliRose-Art  :) I dont h ave pokemon oc so Ill do it for woof woof power if thats ok :)

mega pokeball Choose 1-6(1,2,3,4,5, or 6) of your Pokemon OC(s) 
mega pokeball Tag AT LEAST 3 people

1. Hiya! Welcome to the Pokemon Meme! How do you (the Pokemon OC) feel about doing this meme?
Otachi: I feel good friend :)
Ciel: I hate this  sont want to do it
Mew waterfall: its the american thing to do just kidding but Ill do it
Vlad: I am fgrace you with my presents and I am swell darling

2. Okay then..! First off! Which pokemon are you?

Otachi: I must be sentet hes named otachi in japanese lol XD
Ciel: I dont know. Ill say crobat thats what that idiot ryou said because frowning hes an idiot.
Mew waterfall: Galvantula because Im the trantula mew mew!
Vlad: Im noibat for sure darling its the prettiest vampure

3. Cool! Use three words to describe yourself (the Pokemon OC)!
Otachi: hm I think Im brave and loyal and nice :)
Ciel: Im the only smart person here and also I guess annoyed. and a king dont you forget
Mew waterfall: I forgot lol. Im brave and cool and adventures!
Vlad: beautiful and precious great smart I cant limit it to three words (lol)

4. Those three words fit you perfectly! XD Anyways, do you (the Pokemon OC) have an enemy/nemesis/frenemy?
Otachi: no enemies here  except the aliens :) vlad too I think
Ciel: everyone
Mew waterfall: any enemyt of the mew mews!!
Vlad: those idiot mew mews

5. Hmmm wonder what happened... Oh! Do you (the Pokemon OC) have a crush on any other pokemon? *nudge nudge wink wink XD*

Otachi: if Im a pokemon I think I like skitty like shes Ichigo. or maybe mint is graveler maybe her
Ciel: I used to like Lettuce she was lovely. I guess she wailmer if she had to me one
Mew waterfall: I liked Cielbat lol but not anymore at all
Vlad: I like...... Tony.............................. hes a growlithe.... 4 bat wings and a frown........... yes tony

6. Ooooooooo! XDD Anyways.. Do you (the Pokemon OC) think you have the best pokemon trainer in the world? 
Otachi: I think my trainer ryou because he made me a woof woof :) no
Ciel: no one trains me
Mew waterfall: hm I am the leader so I think Ill be trainer
Vlad: I have no trainer dear. I am the true rtainer

7. Awwwww XD Last question(cause 7 is Alice/me/'s lucky number! C: )! What do you think of this meme?
Otachi: it was fun! :)
Ciel: I hated it
Mew waterfall: its a good time :D
Vlad:hm it waas ok darling but do better next time

8. Just kidding! THIS is the last question. Because DTK(Death The Kid) demanded it ends at 8. Do you (the pokemon OC) have any relatives?

Otachi: I think ciel the crobat and ryou persian
Ciel: only that stupid otachi
Mew waterfall: nope I have dont have no siblings!
Vlad: I have my daddy and sister but theyre not important
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Oliver Green
United States
name:oliver green
type: dragion ok
age: 14
haight: 5"7'
bday:october 23…

Current Residence: I live in the underwear with ralph
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I wear with my heart tells me I dont know
Print preference: paw print
Favourite genre of music: nature
Favourite photographer: like pudding flan pudding
Favourite style of art: its happy anime and gothic :)
Operating System: call the operator. its next foor andn Im a vampire
MP3 player of choice: :):):)
Shell of choice: the conch signal
Wallpaper of choice: mermaid flan and barnacle biscuit
Skin of choice: small coins small pox
Favourite cartoon character: harold flower
Personal Quote: is: cut my life into pieces. this is my knife and fork :(

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